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Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Sun Jul 10 06:37:56 CEST 2016

Sadly no.
Not just for pnp.
But the best thing is to use forumns and sites liek rpol or roll20 
where you can see if folks are interested.
What you may need to do is old bait/switch.
Run a game like dnd then say "hey guys..there is a much cooler game..." :)

It has worked i the past.

Issue is time.
I have player in Alaska and in europe.  I'm in FL.  So doiing a 
awesome voice session would be difficult time wise.
I just think a clever person can do like a youtube video. Highlight 
the game.  Go over the concepts.  See if it gets traffic.  won't go 
viral but a google search might find some kid looking at it.

I'm not sur eif soem sites like roll20 have demo days where you cna 
post on their main site and get a ad and then get some interest in a 
demo game.  This has happened on twitch actually well.  I've seen 
some SW, pathfinder and sme other games get traffic with a simple demo day.

I don't have time for such things...good luck though.
I think if you were to start you'd get at least 4 players from my game :)

At 12:24 AM 7/10/2016, you wrote:
>Well, I've tried to with in the last day or so. The interest check 
>is a bit thin. One person from this list, and I don't think it was 
>you, plus two guys that googled the game and might give it a try if 
>they can find the rules.
>There just doesn't seem to be a body count.
> >Now whos up to starting a new pnp obem fo rme ?  Evne on rpoll :)
> >
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