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Matijs van Zuijlen mvz at xs4all.nl
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Hi Melkor,

On 14/07/14 07:39, Melkor wrote:
> this rule is fascinating but i do not think that Snider's intention was like
> this.

Well of course, that's why it's a house rule :-)

> If he wanted to allow for this possibility, he would have allowed a
> multiplier of 3d6+14 instead of 2d6+14 (see 1.1.2, under "maximum ability in
> BOOK I).

That would have just improved the multipliers at the start of the game, rather
than allowing increase during the game, which is what this house rule is all about.

> In fact, 3d6+14 would have given this possibility to a character, namely to
> raise any of his eight characteristic up 4 times their native value (if on a
> 3d6 roll you get 18, 18+14= 32. 32/8=4
> Also, it is high unlikely that a human being can improve in the same degree
> in any personality trait. You never see around a person which is so smart and
> at the same time so strong, etc... each person has his shortcomings.

The house rule makes the case that the native ability reflects the inborn
strengths and shortcomings of the character, whereas the multipliers reflect
their 'interests and goals'. That does sound a little funny to me: It sounds
like interests and goals are reflected both in multipliers and characteristic
points. However, this is indeed what it says in the book.

> So i don't think this optional rule should be used....

I don't think I've ever had a character that had maxed out its characteristics
to such an extent that this rule would be needed :-). However, I do like the
idea of characters being able to develop further if they manage to survive for
decades. They would become some ancient wizard or ancient warrior type
characters, with powers at a mythical level.

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>> Multiplier increase option
>> Hi Matteo,
>> AFAICT, the point of this rule is to be able to increase the multiplier 
>> during the game. So, if a character originally had a multiplier of 2.0 at
>> the end of character creation, they may be able to increase it up to 4.0 at
>> a later time by using experience points that would otherwise go to waste
>> due to the characteristics being at their maximum. They would then have a
>> higher maximum characteristic and be able to increase the current value
>> further.
>> The multipliers higher than 4.0 seem to refer to constitution and 
>> appearance, which use a different multiplier system.
>> On 05/01/13 15:21, Matteo wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> i really cannot understand this house rule:
>>> http://www.powersandperils.org/A_MultIncrease.htm
>>> I'm begging for help. The only thing that i got (if i'm not wrong) is 
>>> that the author is suggesting that players may use a multiplier more
>>> than that officially allowed by the original rules (4.0) for each
>>> characteristic during character creation.
>>> If so, i didn't understand how he provides "logical" argument for that. 
>>> He seems to suggest that you can do that if you have an high amount of 
>>> experience points (did i get it?).
>>> I would like to understand this rule in detail because this aspect of 
>>> the game matters a lot to me.
>>> I mean,i find fascinating the possibility of having a multiplier higher 
>>> than four. i don't want characters in my game to be super-heroes,
>>> nonetheless having the chance of assigning a 5.0 multiplier when you
>>> create a new character is intriguing, especially if you can provide
>>> ground to "support" this claim and decision.
>>> thanks in advance

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