[PnP] creature difficulty factor

Melkor mttdicor7 at inbox.com
Fri Jul 18 20:13:09 CEST 2014

In section 5.5, book I it's written

" If the skill that the Referee chooses to
apply is a Combat Skill, the CDF that is used is as listed in table

Looking at the table, on the line "DIFFICULT" we find CDF4.

I think that from this premise we can infer that any creature (in the book III) with a CDF factor of 4 or more must be considered a difficult one for the players to fight with. Don't you agree?

I mean, from this simple optional rule the author suggested (maybe unwillingly) an entire system for the game master to evaluate the impact of creatures to throw at player characters.

Now i know that if at the end of my adventure i want my characters to fight with "the big enemy", it must be at least a CDF 4 enemy, otherwise the players are going to defeat it too easily.

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