[PnP] Influence chance formula

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Tue Mar 12 03:45:14 CET 2013

By now you have 3 different answers. :)
Just keep in mind P&P was made for flexible people.  As Richard 
always said if you don't something or a rule then delete or change 
it.  IF you think a -20 shouldbe used rather than -40 then use -20.
So good luck.  Use your own judgement.  Test your own math and ideas 
out in situations.  If you think  Elves get cheated then up their 
chance to deflect IC. Good luck.

At 06:27 PM 3/8/2013, Matteo wrote:
>Hi all,
>yesterday evening i used the influence chance formula but i have 
>some doubts, can you tell me if the calculation is correct?
>the human player is trying to influence an elf.
>the human player has IC (nfluence chance) of 17.
>First of all i have to take into account the appearance reaction, so 
>the human is perceived by the elf as having an IC of 7 (17-10)
>Now, the suggestion is CLEARLY to the listener's advantage.
>The listener is a Personal contact of the influencer (i assume this 
>means that the two persons are friends, am i right?)
>Finally, the listener is under pressure from some other source to 
>refuse the request.
>So, according to the influence chance table on page 18, Book I, the 
>values are these:
>-40+W (the listener has a will score of 14)
>i end up with a 61% chance of success.
>Is this correct?
>thanks in advance
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