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   The "Race" part is under Appearance. The modifier listed there is to 
the characters Appearance score. You didn't give us the Humans 
Appearance score. I'm going to just pick a number...say...44. So, an Elf 
viewing that character sees the Human as having an Ap of (44 - 10 =) 34. 
Looking at the chart listed there, under Appearance, that means the 
Humans effective Ap is Average, which gives a +5 adjustment.

Now, the characters IC is 17. So, 17 +5 = 22. That equates to "A: 
Initial Appearance Reaction" of Table 1.20. Now you just start 
adding/subtracting from that.

We add "E" (+40), "J" (+40), "L" (-40+W).

You said the listener (the elf) has a W of 14, so we plug that into "L" 
and get -54. Yes, I'm using math wrong because I *think* Richard was 
trying to say that if you have a high W score, you are more likely to be 
able to 'force yourself to refuse' as opposed to 'force yourself to 
spill the beans', so to speak.

The IC result is thusly: 22 + 40 + 40 - 54 = 48%

Of course, if you do it "mathmatically correct", you end up with 22 + 40 
+ 40 - 26. Which gives  an IC of 76%. But, as I said, I think Richard 
was going for the "Higher W means you are more likely to resist being 
influenced". So I'd use the first.



On 3/08/13 2:27 PM, Matteo wrote:
> Hi all,
> yesterday evening i used the influence chance formula but i have some 
> doubts, can you tell me if the calculation is correct?
> the human player is trying to influence an elf.
> the human player has IC (nfluence chance) of 17.
> First of all i have to take into account the appearance reaction, so 
> the human is perceived by the elf as having an IC of 7 (17-10)
> Now, the suggestion is CLEARLY to the listener's advantage.
> The listener is a Personal contact of the influencer (i assume this 
> means that the two persons are friends, am i right?)
> Finally, the listener is under pressure from some other source to 
> refuse the request.
> So, according to the influence chance table on page 18, Book I, the 
> values are these:
> +40%
> +40%
> -40+W (the listener has a will score of 14)
> i end up with a 61% chance of success.
> 7+14+40+40-40=61
> Is this correct?
> thanks in advance
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