[PnP] Influence chance formula

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Sun Mar 10 00:59:23 CET 2013

    Many factors influence well...influence...

    Charisma talent can help..
    Appearance Bonus can as well if allowed...
    Extraordinary Influence (Special Event)

    The math looks ok but you don't list the Appearances

    The CORE IC 17  So that -10 is 7 like you say.
    But how do they view each other?

    Let's say it is Average so that's a +5 to 7+5=12

Now, the suggestion is CLEARLY to the listener's advantage.
The listener is a Personal contact of the influencer (i assume
this means that the two persons are friends, am i right?) Finally,
the listener is under pressure from some other source to refuse the

   Well contacts don't mean they are friends.  A thief could have
   a Fence contact but they may only tolerate each other but would
   sell each other out if paid enough.  So Contacts don't mean
   friends always.

So, according to the influence chance table on page 18, Book I, the 
values are these:

-40+W (the listener has a will score of 14)

i end up with a 61% chance of success.


Is this correct?


       If my own math is correct.

    I tend to rarely use these tables as Role playing is always
    better than these charts.  One must role the situation.  But
    if bored then can use the basic math.  But looks like your
    math is correct without the +5 appearance effect.  I've
    always treated both charts as 2 for the appearance.

    Also don't forget some figures changes from v1 to v2 I think
    like one -25 is a -20 now...I didn't check all the figures
    but I noticed that one.

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