[PnP] Influence chance formula

Paul L. Ming pming at northwestel.net
Tue Mar 12 08:41:50 CET 2013


   Yeah, some folks would say "What a crappy system!" or "It sucks 
because it's so unclear!".  Personally, when I see a system that has 
'rules' like this....ones that can be interpreted differently, yet when 
you play the game and find something that says "Because of X, there is a 
-Y penalty to influence chance", and it all works out regardless of how 
you interpreted the rule. Well, that, my friend, is a perfect example of 
a superior system/rule for a RPG.

   So, yeah, use what feels right to you and stick with that. 
Consistency is key. :)

PS: On a semi-totally unrelated note...my Dark Dungeons RPG campaign 
just ended Sunday with a near TPK. Group and I decided to switch games 
and do something new. Powers & Perils is a serious contender. :)


Paul L. Ming

On 3/11/13 7:45 PM, Scott Adams wrote:
> By now you have 3 different answers. :)
> Just keep in mind P&P was made for flexible people.  As Richard always 
> said if you don't something or a rule then delete or change it.  IF 
> you think a -20 shouldbe used rather than -40 then use -20.
> So good luck.  Use your own judgement.  Test your own math and ideas 
> out in situations.  If you think  Elves get cheated then up their 
> chance to deflect IC. Good luck.

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