[PnP] Large Scale Looting

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Glad to be back online.  When we switch providers this was one of the sits that fell off the list of things to update. :P  I was wondering why it was so quiet... :}

> It depends....:)
> For me I would take in factors like timeof year and such factors like how were the crops and the game that year?  A tribe would tend to have more wealth stored up in winter (hard winter) than a summer where they travel and trade.
> One could factor it ike
> population...tribes and such.
> So let's say they have 10k

I have a whole economic thing I had to work on to allow me to figure out how the player's culture would work, from figuring out Station 1 to 4 incomes and all that.  After some figuring I turns out that GNI was more accurately modeled (for my purposes) as Population/2000 for barbarian cultures and Urban population/500 + Rural population/3000 for civilized cultures.
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Their culture sheet in all it's horrific glory attached for chuckles, comment and use/dissection by other list members

> and there are 3 basictribal areas.  One can assume a tribal area might e 1-3k so let's say 1k so that means the 3 tribal domains towns..villages..whatever...are 3k and 7k in the wilderness.
> So if the villages are sacked then that's 1/3rd of the wealth.  The other 2/3rds would hav eto be from the small famly clan areas around the land.  Make sense?

Like I said, I assumed that most of the population is pretty much living day-to-day, and since they are nomadic, there is not much of a build up of "stuff".  I used 1/3 to 1/2 GNI as a quick base.  From this I assume that HALF that is likely concentrated in the area of the tribal center, with 20% of the population.  The immediate tribal core of the top 1% probably have 10% of the valuable stuff.  They only got a portion, since what natives did flee took what they had.

> Also most shamans or leaders will scurry the loot away as they are attacked.  So chances are that 1/3 will may be only 20%.  The TRUE loot will hav eot be tracked down tentor tipi or cave down to find it.
> So one might sya 20% for the villages..
> 60^% for the other areas and that elusive 20% hidden way somewhere by the leaders.
> Also Alfar and LAw sacking innocents eh?..wow...a change to my mind..
> My Alfar is very....nice nice...even wants to talk to bad guys before he kills them!

Well, these are real nasty Kotothi, part of the reason the group chose them to raid.

I have a a crapload of stuff made up for my game that I need to see about getting to the list.  Not all of it will mesh at present since we are using a home-brew system but set in the perilous lands, but most of it (like my new ship-building sheet and notes) should transfer.

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