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wow.  Welcome back.
It depends....:)
For me I would take in factors like timeof year and such factors like 
how were the crops and the game that year?  A tribe would tend to 
have more wealth stored up in winter (hard winter) than a summer 
where they travel and trade.
One could factor it ike
population...tribes and such.
So let's say they have 10k
and there are 3 basictribal areas.  One can assume a tribal area 
might e 1-3k so let's say 1k so that means the 3 tribal domains 
towns..villages..whatever...are 3k and 7k in the wilderness.
So if the villages are sacked then that's 1/3rd of the wealth.  The 
other 2/3rds would hav eto be from the small famly clan areas around 
the land.  Make sense?

Also most shamans or leaders will scurry the loot away as they are 
attacked.  So chances are that 1/3 will may be only 20%.  The TRUE 
loot will hav eot be tracked down tentor tipi or cave down to find it.

So one might sya 20% for the villages..
60^% for the other areas and that elusive 20% hidden way somewhere by 
the leaders.

Also Alfar and LAw sacking innocents eh?..wow...a change to my mind..
My Alfar is very....nice nice...even wants to talk to bad guys before 
he kills them!

True Blood starting to sending a quick msg ..
IF need more help holler...if i can help

At 08:14 PM 6/30/2013, you wrote:
>Hey all, good to be back on the list!.  I changed addresses a while 
>back and forgot to update my address with Wout until just now.  Hope 
>I didn't miss any interesting threads.
>Okay, coming back with a question for GMs out there, or anyone 
>really with ideas.  And it's a big one.
>My players are involved in my long running "Legends" 
>campaign.  Basically, we dusted off their characters from 1983-85 
>(back when I was in college) and picked up where we left off, 20 
>years later (the characters were stuck in a time bubble, from Doom manor).
>So, it's been about 7 (or perhaps more) years realtime playing about 
>once a month.  In game time has progressed about 11 years.  In that 
>time these 3 (now 4) capable PCs have set up a small kingdom in the 
>Western elder mountains, in the little hills pocket on the other 
>side of the mountains from Treaus.  In their adventures they have 
>obtained power and wealth, and their small culture has reached a 
>population of about 27,000, via recruiting from surrounding 
>populations (That was a fun system to try and figure out).
>Ok, fast forward to now. The characters (1 Alfar, a Human Warrior, a 
>Law Wizard and and Warrior with some Elder training) have taken 
>their ship, along with 150 archers to Shestar, and with a deal of a 
>crapload of metal spear heads and other metal gear managed to entice 
>the Kunni (Ro'babza) into a large scale raid of the neighboring 
>Kotasi (Shurikal).
>The Main warrior is highly skilled in Tactics and in leadership, and 
>fully capable of commanding his attacking host (side note: in the 
>typing of this message I realized I was probably a little generous 
>with how good his control was -- I will have to note this and inform 
>him if they decide to continue).  With his 150 archers and 1000 
>Kunni, his combined force managed to eliminate the Kotasi warriors 
>in several sets of battles, with little losses (NOTE 2: I also 
>found, while cleaning up my mass combat sheet that the bonuses for 
>numbers were a bit high, so I tweaked it down for the next 
>game.  However, I have let the past results stand).
>Ok, With the Kotasi warriors crushed, the remaining non-warriors 
>have pulled back into the surrounding tribes (NOTE 3: That will 
>teach me to do this without fully reading the culture book carefully 
>-- His forces should probably have had to face a large force of 
>civilians, since they are all vicious bastards and there is no way 
>they have any concept of giving up, but I'll pull this out and say 
>that of the remaining 9600 people, at least HALF will be around to 
>fight them in a guerilla war in the next game, so their victory is 
>not as complete as we left off at).
>Ok, long story short.  At the end of the game session (with all of 
>the above second thought notes not in play), I said they and their 
>Kunni forces could loot the tribal lands.  Wild ass guess I figured 
>a week to clean out the tribal center.  The tribal lands are not 
>separated like for other cultures, so I figured another 8-10 hexes 
>around that, at 2 weeks per hex.
>Not that I'm going to given them all that time.  With this reading, 
>I figure they have a week at best before the remaining kotasi start 
>making counter strikes.  I figure that the tribal center holds at 
>least 1/3 the wealth of the tribe.
>Ok, end line, assuming they manage to wipe out the Kotasi...how much 
>can you get?  My WAG for that game as about 1/3 to 1/2 GNI, which 
>for them would mostly be in tools, pelts, some tribal artwork, a 
>smattering of precious metals and jems and whatever animals they 
>could not take with them.
>My query to you is: Is this too low?  Too high?  Assuming the 
>players can manage to do this with out getting "Zulu Dawn'd", how 
>much is a barbarian culture worth if you wipe it out and take what 
>goods can be sold off to other markets (other barbarian tribes, or 
>civilized cultures)?
>---- addendum, after today's game ---
>Recruiting more of the Ro'babza and some of the close Fomorians, my 
>players and their motley army have managed to pretty much roll up 
>the Shuirkul.  Only the Sabai (plus refugees from the other tribes) 
>remain, though the player's forces did take a beating.  So at 
>present they have access to the looting of the other tribal 
>centers.  The next game they intend to try and finish this by taking 
>out Shirikul city foces and sack that.
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