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William Wilson dwarf74 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 20:13:52 CEST 2012

Alright, so I've owned P&P - the main box, Perilous Lands, and Tower of the
Dead - for a few decades now, but I've never had a chance to actually play

I still will probably never have a chance to play it, but the system-lover
in me has run into a few questions.  I'm doing a review of the system which
wavers between love and hate, enthusiasm and dismay.  I've loved the ideas
behind P&P for decades, but convinced myself it was probably as terrible as
my friends thought it was, and now that I'm going back through it ... it's
not perfect, but I have to admire it.

So here's my questions...

(1) Magic Experience Points & Characteristic Increases.  Let's say I take
some time to cast an EL0 Healing spell on my buddy.  I get MEP & EP for
this.  Do I also get a Characteristic Point bump?  I'm guessing No, but I
have no idea. :)

(2) The "stickiness" of melee.  According to the rulebook, it looks like
once you're engaged in melee you're stuck unless you happen to be faster
than a guy who wants to fight you.  Is this pretty accurate?  I was also
unclear if you got to counter-attack everyone who attacks you in melee, but
I settled on "no."  The book is a bit confusing on this count...

If you want to check out my work-in-progress, the main posts are linked
But there's some other comments interspersed.  There's bad language,
and I
range between admiration and frustration, so be warned!  But have no doubt,
I still love this darn thing, and I hope it shows.
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