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>Alright, so I've owned P&P - the main box, Perilous Lands, and Tower 
>of the Dead - for a few decades now, but I've never had a chance to 
>actually play it.

It's well worth it.  IF you see Wout's site you'll find that in the 
last 20 odd years even with the late Richard Sniders help we redid 
the core rule and worked on version 2.  So enjoy the material.  You 
might be able to find PBEM games as well.  I know mine is 98% done 
with this adventure.  So a new adventure will be starting for my 
group and any new players.

>I still will probably never have a chance to play it, but the 
>system-lover in me has run into a few questions.  I'm doing a review 
>of the system which wavers between love and hate, enthusiasm and 
>dismay.  I've loved the ideas behind P&P for decades, but convinced 
>myself it was probably as terrible as my friends thought it was, and 
>now that I'm going back through it ... it's not perfect, but I have 
>to admire it.
Most love or hate it.  Most who hate it can't handle the simple 5th 
grade leel math involved.  They mainly whine about that.  But with 
any good system there is math.

>So here's my questions...
>(1) Magic Experience Points & Characteristic Increases.  Let's say I 
>take some time to cast an EL0 Healing spell on my buddy.  I get MEP 
>& EP for this.  Do I also get a Characteristic Point bump?  I'm 
>guessing No, but I have no idea. :)
No this is same with combat.  You earn X amount for a CP.  So either 
100 or 250.  (Don't have rules handy and too tired to look).  But 
most heaing EL0 is 2 MEP and  2 EP.  So you'd have to do 50 or so 
healings.  Most players/Refs just pool it like I do.  So if yo get X 
and Y mep and cep you can just divide it up at the end of a sesson or 
adenture or game and spend any CPs you get at that time.

>(2) The "stickiness" of melee.  According to the rulebook, it looks 
>like once you're engaged in melee you're stuck unless you happen to 
>be faster than a guy who wants to fight you.  Is this pretty 
>accurate?  I was also unclear if you got to counter-attack everyone 
>who attacks you in melee, but I settled on "no."  The book is a bit 
>confusing on this count...
Typically you can avoid any combat.  You are not set to fight.  But 
the attacker may get a free blow like via a Ambush or sneak 
attack.  IF your in a crossbow duel then you can always just let him 
fire his one shot and run away.  There is no rule to sticking 
around.  As to fighting each person one could duel wield daggers and 
use two hanjded weapon fighting.  IN that case one could stab two bad 
guys at one time.  Course other things like a magical bow with 
Archery powers shootng out 6 arrows could in theory hit 6 bad guys. :)
But typically melee is one on one yes.

>If you want to check out my work-in-progress, the main posts are 
>linked here: 
>But there's some other comments interspersed.  There's bad language, 
>and I range between admiration and frustration, so be warned!  But 
>have no doubt, I still love this darn thing, and I hope it shows.

Lost Girl finale on so will check it out later.
If more Questions ask.
Welcome back to the game.

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