[PnP] Tower of the Dead

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Tue Aug 25 04:55:43 CEST 2009

At 10:32 PM 8/24/09, you wrote:
>To those who asked, Necronomicon is an annual gaming convention in St. Petersburg Florida. It is a Friday through Sunday at the Hilton Bayfront (October 23-25) and costs $30 for all three days if you register before October 16th.

I'm up her ein Jax.  Been to a Necro way back I think late '90s?  The best con group was by far for the SE Skirmishes.  My first with them was in '88.  My first time running games at a con.  Funny thing is hotel here downtown where it was had a Baptist convention at the same time.  Imagine riding an elevator "so you killed four demons then? as you talk to friends and 3 pastors are behind you staring in hororr.  Was funny.  But surprisingly by Sat afternoon even some of THEM was on the game floor playing some games (mostly war/board). But I believe some did play a rpg or two.  So I must admit some had open minds.  

Aww the good old days staying up 60+ hours straight without getting tired.  Now I'm lucky to make it 17 :).  

Capps Games and JaxCon did some good oens but not as good.  Capps was located out of the Carolinas though.  He was a good guy much more game oriented rather than $$$ oriented.  

But we really never had major game stars like Gygax, Richard or such like say Origins up north had.  Now all those CCGs seem to have helped int eh decline of rpgs in general.  To the more dumbified money oriented games.  Sure we had card games like Naval Warfare or Illuminit but not what they have now.  Then all the hobby stores went to CCG and all the kids ran us out.  That was the end here. 


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