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Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
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At 09:50 PM 8/24/09, you wrote:
>I was born near Dayton, so if I lived there, you could count me in. But alas, I am now in Las Vegas.
>Speaking of rich histories, I started a new campaign with a home brewed system that incorporates a variety of systems, to include Powers & Perils, of course. I am running the campaign in Perilous Lands, so Tower of the Dead is a potential candidate for our group as well. The campaign setting is crazy detailed. No stone is left unturned. In a way, that presents problems of its own. In order to run a frontier campaign, I may be forced to add a new, original, continent.
>In any case, Richard Snyder did a wonderful job with the Perils Lands setting and the Powers & Perils game in general.
>Thanks for the memories!
Yes he did. 
That's the nice thing about pnp compared to some others.  You can adapt and do what you want.  For the 3rd adventure I had to add a continent myself ..well a island chain really with a land mass as big as say madagascar?  Lmyria was in need as a backstory ot a villain and created its own mythos and stuff.  So had to work those details.  But frankly PL is so vivid that one can play on it a table game every weekend nad never visit all of it.  I've done it for 25 years and only scratched maybe 15% of the lands visited.  Fomoria, Donara, Port Doman, Marentia, Thaliba, Clima, Zen'da, Katai, Dark Lands, Vassa to name a few but still have tons of places to visit.  Never will do it all.  Why I never run the same adventure twice.  I did the Tower of Dead decades ago but never ran it again just my policy.  Too much other stuff one can do.  So never the same adventure.  Maybe in another 10 years we might be another 10% of the PL explored.  Not even the new Western lands.  Lots of ground...

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