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A friend of mine was so impressed by Perilous Lands that he asked me  
to get him a copy so he could use the material for his D&D campaigns.   
He absolutely loved the detail of it and was able to convert the  
numbers to be used in D&D.  As a matter of fact, I actually ran him  
and a friend through Tower of the Dead but using D&D.  I had to make a  
lot of modifications, of course, but they loved the adventure setting.

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On Aug 24, 2009, at 10:43 PM, Scott Adams wrote:

> At 09:50 PM 8/24/09, you wrote:
>> I was born near Dayton, so if I lived there, you could count me in.  
>> But alas, I am now in Las Vegas.
>> Speaking of rich histories, I started a new campaign with a home  
>> brewed system that incorporates a variety of systems, to include  
>> Powers & Perils, of course. I am running the campaign in Perilous  
>> Lands, so Tower of the Dead is a potential candidate for our group  
>> as well. The campaign setting is crazy detailed. No stone is left  
>> unturned. In a way, that presents problems of its own. In order to  
>> run a frontier campaign, I may be forced to add a new, original,  
>> continent.
>> In any case, Richard Snyder did a wonderful job with the Perils  
>> Lands setting and the Powers & Perils game in general.
>> Thanks for the memories!
> Yes he did.
> That's the nice thing about pnp compared to some others.  You can  
> adapt and do what you want.  For the 3rd adventure I had to add a  
> continent myself ..well a island chain really with a land mass as  
> big as say madagascar?  Lmyria was in need as a backstory ot a  
> villain and created its own mythos and stuff.  So had to work those  
> details.  But frankly PL is so vivid that one can play on it a table  
> game every weekend nad never visit all of it.  I've done it for 25  
> years and only scratched maybe 15% of the lands visited.  Fomoria,  
> Donara, Port Doman, Marentia, Thaliba, Clima, Zen'da, Katai, Dark  
> Lands, Vassa to name a few but still have tons of places to visit.   
> Never will do it all.  Why I never run the same adventure twice.  I  
> did the Tower of Dead decades ago but never ran it again just my  
> policy.  Too much other stuff one can do.  So never the same  
> adventure.  Maybe in another 10 years we might be another 10% of the  
> PL explored.  Not even the new Western lands.  Lots of groun!
> d...
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