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To those who asked, Necronomicon is an annual gaming convention in St.
Petersburg Florida. It is a Friday through Sunday at the Hilton Bayfront
(October 23-25) and costs $30 for all three days if you register before
October 16th.


It is a much smaller convention than some of the others but generally has
tons of board games, RPGs, CCGs, a LAN room, a dance/band, a Con Suite with
artery clogging food, and a surprisingly friendly hotel staff considering
all the shenanigans that happen each year (though it has moved from hotel to
hotel fairly often...)

The area is awesome with all kinds of food within a block of the place open
late at nght and the water nearby too.

I'm not saying it's worth flying across the country to go if you don't
already know someone there or have plans in the area - but if you are
looking for something to do, it's a hell of a weekend.
Anyway, if anyone is seriously considering going - give me a heads up and
I'll make sure *something* from powers and perils is on the schedule. As it
stands now, I'm planning on running a Cthulhu v5 game.

Frank - Scott already posted the note to his PBEM and I think he has an
extensive history to pore through to see if it's for you. I would also
recommend contacting Lev who is running another PBEM. Send me a note
privately and I'll give you his email (just so I'm not flooding the list any

Wow... Dayton. Whenever I think of Dayton I think of the first Dark
Conspiracy adventure I ever played (out of the GDW Dark Conspiracy core

Sorry for the rambling - it just got me thinking ;)

On Mon, Aug 24, 2009 at 9:50 PM, Monster Jam
<unlv_runnin_rebels at yahoo.com>wrote:

> I was born near Dayton, so if I lived there, you could count me in. But
> alas, I am now in Las Vegas.
> Speaking of rich histories, I started a new campaign with a home brewed
> system that incorporates a variety of systems, to include Powers & Perils,
> of course. I am running the campaign in Perilous Lands, so Tower of the Dead
> is a potential candidate for our group as well. The campaign setting is
> crazy detailed. No stone is left unturned. In a way, that presents problems
> of its own. In order to run a frontier campaign, I may be forced to add a
> new, original, continent.
> In any case, Richard Snyder did a wonderful job with the Perils Lands
> setting and the Powers & Perils game in general.
> Thanks for the memories!
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>  > I was just skimming through The Tower
> > of the Dead and it really sparked a desire to play Powers
> > & Perils!  With all the rich detail in that
> > adventure it would be a shame not to play it.  So, I
> > was wondering if anyone lives in the Cincinnati, Columbus,
> > or Dayton areas that would like to play?  Years ago I
> > used to drive up to Dayton every Sunday and play.  I
> > live in Mason so any of the aforementioned cities isn't too
> > far of a drive for me.
> >
> > Thanks!
> > Floyd
> >
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