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I was born near Dayton, so if I lived there, you could count me in. But alas, I am now in Las Vegas.

Speaking of rich histories, I started a new campaign with a home brewed system that incorporates a variety of systems, to include Powers & Perils, of course. I am running the campaign in Perilous Lands, so Tower of the Dead is a potential candidate for our group as well. The campaign setting is crazy detailed. No stone is left unturned. In a way, that presents problems of its own. In order to run a frontier campaign, I may be forced to add a new, original, continent.

In any case, Richard Snyder did a wonderful job with the Perils Lands setting and the Powers & Perils game in general.

Thanks for the memories!

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> I was just skimming through The Tower
> of the Dead and it really sparked a desire to play Powers
> & Perils!  With all the rich detail in that
> adventure it would be a shame not to play it.  So, I
> was wondering if anyone lives in the Cincinnati, Columbus,
> or Dayton areas that would like to play?  Years ago I
> used to drive up to Dayton every Sunday and play.  I
> live in Mason so any of the aforementioned cities isn't too
> far of a drive for me.
> Thanks!
> Floyd
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