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J Hooten jhooten at binary.net
Wed Jul 9 00:17:44 CEST 2008

And no, Healing Light should never be usable offensively, thats a 
question for the designer! And personally I don't think Watchful Sleep 
should have that risk, but technically the rules imply both of those can 
be a risk. Healing Mist can also be used offensively as it puts targets 
comatose while healing making them an easy kill. Obviously all the 
healing related spells need to be checked over for abuse, especially 
area effects.

Does Richard Snider (I hope I remembered the name right) still read this 
Maybe he has an answer for such abuse of healing magic and whether only 
certain healing magic has the 'death' result.

Alex Koponen wrote:
> J Hooten wrote:
>> <Healing is an area that varies by GM rules. So the question becomes, 
>> are there healing magics that do not have the usage limits? Otherwise 
>> healing mist which will totally heal people may be the best choice? 
>> Raban has a fair chance to be totally healed by his own Healing Magic, 
>> but it is not safe to use it more than once. A more skilled caster would 
>> improve that chance. In any case Raban will offer to use healing magic 
>> on anyone who needs it, assuming a better method has not been mentioned.>
>> <This could make Watchful Sleep a hazardous spell if its side effect of 
>> healing counts for risk of death? Healing Light may heal only a tiny 
>> amount on each person and thus aggravate the risk for other healing. Its 
>> one of those PnP rules that add confusion and more bookkeeping. I 
>> understand they wished to make it harder to just heal everything after a 
>> fight.>
> In order to run Z'leyra as a more effective healer I put a lot of study 
> into the rules for healing.
> Healing SKILLS don't endanger the patient (unless herbalist roll is 
> failed by 25 or more) and can be used as long as healing supplies last 
> and at half value thereafter. Limits for healing skills are once per day 
> + once per magical healing, though in certain cases (multiple encounters 
> w wounds and bandaging per day) it can be higher. Note that different 
> healing skills (bandaging, herbs, massage) can be used and are 
> cumulative. Simple bandaging can be used by even the unskilled, but are 
> more effective when used by a skilled healer. Healing skills are 
> cumulative with healing spells if the skills are used first.
> Combining healing skills and magic results in the fastest and most 
> complete healing available. Scratches can heal on their own or with 
> bandaging, generally without much problem unless the scratch gets 
> infected. Minor wounds can use either skill or spell to heal. Major 
> wounds require a lot of time, major healing spells or preferably the 
> combination of healing skills and spells.
> Rule 1.3431 is a little vague about the definition of Hit Points Taken. 
> If it is total damage taken that day even a C80 character with HPV40 may 
> not want to risk a second magical healing if the total damage is high 
> enough. If fully healed from 40 damage the first time and hit for 
> another 35 points of damage the risk would be 80x2 - 75x(2-1) = 160-75 = 
> 85% chance of surviving the second magical healing. A 15% chance of 
> dying. In a game I GM'd years ago one character failed such a roll. The 
> players were careful thereafter to never risk it happening again.
> Yes, Watchful Sleep is dangerous and shouldn't be used when it will 
> result in a risk of dying. Note that Healing Light can be used as an 
> offensive spell since it freezes the recipients (and caster) for a turn. 
> A lot of damage can be done in a turn to someone who can't move. If an 
> opposing caster used Healing Light my character would in most 
> circumstances try to resist the spell, not wanting to be either frozen 
> or having  a minor amount of magical healing instead of major magical 
> healing later. I suspect that the healing gods would likely frown on 
> using Healing Light offensively.

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