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Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Wed Jul 9 05:08:59 CEST 2008

At 06:17 PM 7/8/08, you wrote:
>And no, Healing Light should never be usable offensively, thats a 
>question for the designer! And personally I don't think Watchful Sleep 
>should have that risk, but technically the rules imply both of those can 
>be a risk. Healing Mist can also be used offensively as it puts targets 
>comatose while healing making them an easy kill. Obviously all the 
>healing related spells need to be checked over for abuse, especially 
>area effects.
>Does Richard Snider (I hope I remembered the name right) still read this 
>Maybe he has an answer for such abuse of healing magic and whether only 
>certain healing magic has the 'death' result.

Richard still reads here.  I had a recent question myself posted to him a month or two ago.  But he gets busy and may not read often.

If you were desperate enough Alex and Richard way back in the '90s had some discussions on healing.  It might still be in the ancient archives of
Wout's Sacred Cave of Wisdom or more modernly called a website.

Basically any spell has the risk.  But for some characters its not that much of a risk.  I have one in the pbem campaign (not in this current adventure) wh ocould take 7-8 healings evven before any worry.

Alex's comments though in here and in the PBEM list are correct. 
But I tend to use Watchful slightly different.  It depends on when its cast.  Since it always usually is done at nighttime and goes to th enext day then it sorta tweaks the rules.  Is it day 1 or day 2's healing? Some minor interpreation.  Also since its sleep and it may or may not heal you then its a less modification to the death rule in my eyes.  So in general terms for me WS is tweaked for case by case basis.  But mostly bends the death rule. 

As to area effect healing for damage I've not used those in great extent.  Mist powers are just v2.  Used one mist spell last adventure #3 but in my view it could be used as a harm spell even basic healing can.

You know a enemy prisoner just healed and so you come up to him and cast healing on him again.  Opps..that death chance.  He dies.  And suddenly the guards can't figure out how.  Guess the healing didn't work and that damage was just too much....darn! Darn!

So expanding that idea healing area effects work same concept.


On side note - Burton if your reading this.  I had a few hours last week to clean the ship directory up.  Read and delete some files and read some of your posts more in depth.  I'll try and get more time soon again.  But its hit and miss. :) Dusting off the files is better than nothing. :)
Still tempted to view your excel sheet but I hate to see it and use some of your ideas and be a copy cat.  So I'm trying not to.
Flattery is fine but idea stealing is not :)


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