[PnP] Perm Magics...how...?

Alex Koponen akoponen at mosquitonet.com
Mon Jan 21 03:08:55 CET 2008

As both a Ref and as a player whose character has made such items I've 
had Permanent Magics Ensorcelment spell being the base spell cast 
together with Luck to make a Luck item. The lower of the two ELs 
determines the effective Luck of the item, the higher determines the MDV.

Attribute Effect is effectively an Enchantment of an item to enhance (or 
limit) an attribute of the character that will wear the item. Also see 
Book 4 magic items...limits item to 3 attributes.

While I haven't made or GMd an Attraction item I'd suspect that it would 
also be an enchantment of the attractive aspect of the item (at first 
guess). Dedication seems reasonable to add to it.

Schnockel wrote:
> How does a magic user create items with 'Attraction' or 'Attribute 
> Effect's...heck, or even 'Luck'?
> I don't know which Perm Magic would be used for such things...I would 
> presume attraction is similar to dedication...so it might as well be 
> that easy.  I can't really see Luck being created only by players with 
> the luck spell, because then the EL of the spell might be different 
> than the EL of the item.  I can't find anywhere that mentions 
> modifiers to attributes for permanent magics...and that's the one I'm 
> most interested in.
> Any suggestions...ideas...
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