[PnP] Perm Magics...how...?

J Hooten jhooten at binary.net
Mon Jan 21 05:03:02 CET 2008

I thought the Ensorcelment needed to be at the spell El or higher to work.
And if you think about it, its a good rule even if it didn't say that 
since it acts as a limiter.
But using the lower El does that as well so there is not really much 

Alex Koponen wrote:
> As both a Ref and as a player whose character has made such items I've 
> had Permanent Magics Ensorcelment spell being the base spell cast 
> together with Luck to make a Luck item. The lower of the two ELs 
> determines the effective Luck of the item, the higher determines the MDV.
> Attribute Effect is effectively an Enchantment of an item to enhance (or 
> limit) an attribute of the character that will wear the item. Also see 
> Book 4 magic items...limits item to 3 attributes.
> While I haven't made or GMd an Attraction item I'd suspect that it would 
> also be an enchantment of the attractive aspect of the item (at first 
> guess). Dedication seems reasonable to add to it.
> Schnockel wrote:
>> How does a magic user create items with 'Attraction' or 'Attribute 
>> Effect's...heck, or even 'Luck'?
>> I don't know which Perm Magic would be used for such things...I would 
>> presume attraction is similar to dedication...so it might as well be 
>> that easy.  I can't really see Luck being created only by players with 
>> the luck spell, because then the EL of the spell might be different 
>> than the EL of the item.  I can't find anywhere that mentions 
>> modifiers to attributes for permanent magics...and that's the one I'm 
>> most interested in.
>> Any suggestions...ideas...
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