[PnP] Tower of the Dead

Curtis Aikens CAikens at cips.ca
Thu Aug 21 04:34:06 CEST 2008

I DEFINITELY have a copy, and know exactly where it is.  My life's a bit of
a scramble right now and wouldn't get to scanning it until later in the

If you're willing to wait, or your shipment goes awry, tag me again (direct
or on-list) again in about a month.

Unfortunately, I'm also probably going to have to sell my P&P material at
that time too (haven't played for 20 years and it's just gathering dust).
I'll pipe up here first when it comes to that.


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	Floyd, that sucks - I hope you find all your missing stuff soon. (I
feel your pain - I moved house ten years ago, only to find almost all my rpg
stuff lost somewhere in transit)...

	I'll order one of the sets from amazon, have it couried to me, and
hopefully be able to scan it myself and share with anyone interested.
Assuming it arrives....



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