[PnP] Tower of the Dead

Graeme Chaple chaple at copper.net
Tue Aug 26 03:20:37 CEST 2008

I've got a copy and will try to get it scanned in over the next couple 
of days. I'll post a copy here on the mailing list for anyone who needs 
it. I can't guarantee a perfect scanned copy, but usable.


On Aug 20, 2008, at 21:34, Curtis Aikens wrote:

> I DEFINITELY have a copy, and know exactly where it is.  My life's a 
> bit of
> a scramble right now and wouldn't get to scanning it until later in the
> fall.
> If you're willing to wait, or your shipment goes awry, tag me again 
> (direct
> or on-list) again in about a month.
> Unfortunately, I'm also probably going to have to sell my P&P material 
> at
> that time too (haven't played for 20 years and it's just gathering 
> dust).
> I'll pipe up here first when it comes to that.
> Curt
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> 	Floyd, that sucks - I hope you find all your missing stuff soon. (I
> feel your pain - I moved house ten years ago, only to find almost all 
> my rpg
> stuff lost somewhere in transit)...
> 	I'll order one of the sets from amazon, have it couried to me, and
> hopefully be able to scan it myself and share with anyone interested.
> Assuming it arrives....
> 	Cheers
> 	Guy
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