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Scott Adams <longshot at darktech.org> wrote:  At 11:52 AM 7/16/07, you wrote:
>I should think they may not have excepted Insub while in Insub for the simple reason that they didn't think anyone would try something so blatantly impossible. You already have no physical substance. You can't become less substantial than you already are.

Ahh. Theres the rub. But in fact its in the spell. Can cast Travel powers within Insub. Therefore. Loop hole. Richard probably didn't forget to do an exception for it. And players are crazy they do challenge GMs :).
When one asked about it I thought about it not havng done so far.
The loophole is there which opens a door to making th eimpossible possible. I mean like you I always assumed physical contact needed. But what's to say Richard thought maybe Insub contact to contact was possible. Who knows what goes in the mind of the Creator. :)

I apologize.  I thought you were talking about casting Insub on yourself when already insubstantial.  Therefore my comment was that you couldn't become less substantial than you already were.  For touching someone else while Insub in order to make them Insub I would say it doesn't work, but really the way it's worded makes it totally up to the GM.  It says contact is required, but I guess the GM would have to make the call as to whether that contact must be physical or whether other means are allowed.  If spiritual contact works and the GM rules that you are in a spirit state while Insub then that would work.  Here's a better one for you though, what about mental contact? i.e. I use Control or some other spell with a similar mental connection to create direct mental contact.  Can I use Insub and have it affect you? :)  That could have some very nasty uses, particularly for getting rid of people without leaving traces.  i.e. I Control you, then Insub and have you walk into a
 wall or hillside before I cancel the spell.  
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