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>The Creator Speaks!  See Below...
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>I apologize.  I thought you were talking about casting Insub on yourself when already insubstantial.  Therefore my comment was that you couldn't become less substantial than you already were.  For touching someone else while Insub in order to make them Insub I would say it doesn't work, but really the way it's worded makes it totally up to the GM.  It says contact is required, but I guess the GM would have to make the call as to whether that contact must be physical or whether other means are allowed.  If spiritual contact works and the GM rules that you are in a spirit state while Insub then that would work.  Here's a better one for you though, what about mental contact? i.e. I use Control or some other spell with a similar mental connection to create direct mental contact.  Can I use Insub and have it affect you? :)  That could have some very nasty uses, particularly for getting rid of people without leaving traces.  i.e. I Control you, then Insub and have you walk into a wall or hillside before I cancel the spell.  
There you go.  Contact can be mental, astral, spiritual, energy wise or just contact in the plane (see below).  Mental does have some interesting aspects.  One could help their familiar, pets or other allies they have had telepathic contact with (telepathy making it a easier contact).  So I could see that.  Help or hinder friends and allies.  Interesting.  

Now The Creator (Richard for the non pnpites) has spoken on this in some private emails we have happen to be having the last few days.


The spell takes the caster and those affected to a non-material interstitial layer that overlays existence, the realm occupied by ghosts and such. There is one such area. You can't be insubstantial to insubstantial. I don't allow spells of any kind to be cast by an insubstantial person to affect something that is not already insubstantial. If another referee chooses to alter that policy, it's his game.


So in the end.  Richards matra - Up to the GM stands. 
But think on the aspect above some.  

If one enters a plane sort of like a pocket universe (in today's jargon a String aka string theory) one could argue a whole new encounter system.
Meeting ghosts...spiritual things....other insubs....but once your there you have a different level of physicality thus making combat interesting if not energetic :)

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