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I'm about to do my Legends game this weekend, and this will (hopefully) involve the players in a non-canon situation (feel free to comment, Richard :). In short, the players are in some ancient giant ruins in the Caldan mountains.  The ruins lead to a portal to a lower world area where a race of Elder giants (derived as basically dwarvish in nature, but obviously built for above-ground rather than underground).  The Hunfrithi (taken from the germanic meaning "peaceful giant") were set upon and largely decimated by the KOtothi giants in the ages ago, and a small group of survivors were sealed off in this pocket sanctuary for the past 40,000 years (400 years their time).   The players have a chance in this next game of unsealing the sanctuary (which became a prison due to the betrayal of a misguided Hunfrithi) and encountering them.  There are some other interesting tweaks to this which I can post if people are interested.

I plan to simply describe the first encounter (with a woodsman hunter) and see what happens.  Will they simply attack "yet another giant"?  Watch and see?  Even if this first poor sap is whacked, when they encounter the outlying farms what will they think of or do?  Will they be curious and try to communicate, or will they follow their normal "giant = bad" ways.  It's an interesting encounter "test".  

I realize that all giants presented so far are Kototh, which is why I deem this non-canon.

For purposes of SIZE (as in my subject), Should size be a power factor when it comes to strength effects?  This question came to me when I wasconsidering if the players formed peaceful relations.  Hunfrithi strength is pretty high, but certainly close to the top warrior of the group.  If the two wanted to arm wrestle, or bench press cattle or something, SIZE has to affect it somehow. 

What I was thinking was that for every SIZE point over 2 for humanoids, DOUBLE the effective portage/lifting strength.  Likewise, for mounts DOUBLE the carry/tow weights for every point over 3.  Thus, if you pit a SIZE 2 character with 80 strength and a SIZE 4 Hunfrithi with 80 strength of 80 the human's Lifting ability (Portage*5, or S*10 if there are no stamina bonuses) of 800 is pitted against the giant's 3200 -- forget it, buddy.  

--- One calculation later ---

Ok, it can't be double per point, as that would have a S92 SIZE 10 storm giant lifting 235,520 pounds.   How does SIZE difference, DOUBLED, as a multiplier?  This would give x4 to the Hunfrithi, and a size 10 storm giant would be a x16 (having the average on lifting 14,720 pounds.  7 tons seems within reason for an 18' giant.  Comments?

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