[PnP] Questions regarding Healing

Alex Koponen akoponen at mosquitonet.com
Mon Jan 22 00:14:52 CET 2007

Rule 1.32511) INFECTION

B) While infected, the Character's Healing Chance is reduced 50%, 
rounded up.

Q. Does Infection reduce HC before or after modifications?

Bandages, herbs and other things give bonuses to HC, StB and CB. In 
order to use their skill at more than half value Healers need to use a 
Healing Kit. In treating a wound a Healer uses 1D6 ft of bandage and 1/4 
oz of Healing Herbs. Together these should give a +15% to HC if used by 
a non-Healer.

Q.  Does the Healer also get the +15% or is this subsumed in the Healing 

If subsumed, it might be better to be treated by non-healer than an EL1 
or EL2 Healer.   <I play that it isn't subsumed but is additive to the 
Healer's skill.>

1.343) MAGIC

When magic is used to heal, the effect will be as for 1.342. However, 
with magic, a separate and additional Healing Chance roll is allowed 
immediately after the magic is successfully applied. Magic will always 
affect the Healing Chance AND the Stamina Bonus. In rolling no chance of 
Infection will apply.

Casting a Healing Spell cures 1D6 + StB + EL as well as increasing the 
HC by (EL+1)x5%. The StB is increased by EL/3 RD for the next normal HC 

Q. If before magical healing a Healer had used their skill to boost the 
patient's StB is this StB used for both the magical healing AND the 
separate and additional Healing Chance roll?                       <I 
play that it does.>

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