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The only system I played that went (almost) as far was "The Morrow Project" (post-apocalypse game).  In this the average man had something like 250 body points, and the percentages were multiplied out so you would know how many points of damage your hand or upper arm could take.

However, it also had the idea of instant kills.  Torso had 4 zones (dead center, and 3 zones out from it to the ribs) while head had one, so you didn't need to shoot out all 250 points to whack someone.

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Yes, the percentages seem reasonable (speaking as one who when I was a 
medic had to study such percentages for dealing with burns). However 
since P&P uses a generic hit point system those percentages should have 
little affect on the game. If  someone want to complicate the game to 
'add realism' to the injuries then the percentages would be useful.

        Alex K

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> Here is a break down of the body with percentage of total surface area
> It's based on the 'rule of 9s' and my own observation that your hand
> can cover about 1 percent of you.
> Could use some better names for some of the part.
> Do the percentages seem resonable to all of you?
> 1.5  scalp
> 0.7  right misc. side of head
> 0.3  right ear
> 0.7  left misc. side of head
> 0.3  left ear
> 2.5  face
> 3.0  neck,
> 3.5  right arm from shoulder to elbow
> 3.0  right arm from elbow to wrist
> 2.5  right hand
> 3.5  left arm from shoulder to elbow
> 3.0  left  arm from elbow to wrist
> 2.5  left hand
> 1.4  cleavage
> 3.8  right breast
> 3.8  left breast
> 9.0  the abdomen,
> 9.0  the upper back,
> 3.0  the lower back
> 3.0  right buttocks,
> 3.0  left buttocks
> 9.0  right leg from hit to knee
> 6.0  right leg from knee to ankle
> 3.0  right foot
> 9.0  left leg from hit to knee
> 6.0  left leg from knee to ankle
> 3.0  left foot
> 1.0  the genital area
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