[PnP] Herbalists and Miners

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If you still have the tables, I am perfectly happy to put them on the 
site, as always.

At 10:39 2007-02-23, you wrote:
>Hey all
>As skills, my group played with the idea that both herbalists and 
>miners could recognize and exploit areas that would potentially 
>produce particular types of herbs or minerals.  This became useful 
>and somewhat important while traveling, since any particular route 
>might lead past a patch of growth or an interesting outcropping, or 
>a campsite might allow a scouting expedition to find either a 
>specific plant or mineral, or cast a net to see if any interesting 
>plants or minerals happened to be in the area.  I saw the general 
>tables for herbs and where they might grow, but it only provides for 
>specific growth areas that the DM has to build.  Is anyone else 
>playing with random tables for either of these things?  If not, I 
>might still have mine laying around...
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