[PnP] Herbalists and Miners

James McCulloch jdmcculloch at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 23 10:39:46 CET 2007

Hey all

As skills, my group played with the idea that both herbalists and miners 
could recognize and exploit areas that would potentially produce particular 
types of herbs or minerals.  This became useful and somewhat important while 
traveling, since any particular route might lead past a patch of growth or 
an interesting outcropping, or a campsite might allow a scouting expedition 
to find either a specific plant or mineral, or cast a net to see if any 
interesting plants or minerals happened to be in the area.  I saw the 
general tables for herbs and where they might grow, but it only provides for 
specific growth areas that the DM has to build.  Is anyone else playing with 
random tables for either of these things?  If not, I might still have mine 
laying around...


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