[PnP] A digging we go!

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Think MR17 is too high for mules pulling a loaded wagon or carrying packs. Would put it in the 10-12 range.
As to the elementals, neither is the best choice for the task. Need to deals with Gnomes for earth moving and construction. Unless the offer was something spectacular, would probably insult a Son of Gaea. As to living earth, they aren't geared for such at all. Call them to kill something or destroy, I'd say.

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> I'm currently involved with revamping my Construction rules (my  
> Legends players are starting to build up their inn and will eventually  
> be constructing their keep off in the western mountains.
> Playing around with some assumptions (Drover pay 15CC/month, 5 mule  
> team carrying drover and 920# of material, MR17 for team, need to save  
> for replacements costs of each mule every 2 years, 3CC for 60FP of  
> grain and forage, mules need 7FP each) one finds that transport is  
> friggen expensive.  Buy local guys:
> Porters:  Using a porter, 1 ton of material can be moved on hex in 60  
> days and cost 20CC.  Obviously, more porters will reduce the time, but  
> never less than 1day.
> Ox Cart: Pair of oxen pulling a wagon, one teamster.  Takes 4 days for  
> a ton of cargo and costs 10CC per hex.  Again, more carts can be added  
> but cannot reduce below 1 day.  Carts can be used to carry objects  
> over 200# (unlike porters and mule trains)
> Mule train: 1 drover and 5 mules, takes 3 days an 8CC per ton of  
> material per hex.
> Boats:  I still have to go over Scott's rules and figure this out, but  
> it should be way cheaper per ton.
> The above just for your amusement.
> Now, for Richard (and others): How much soil could your average Living  
> Earth dig per phase (for excavation)?  How much for a Son of Gea?
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