[PnP] A digging we go!

Burton Choinski bchoinski at comcast.net
Fri Dec 14 00:07:43 CET 2007

I'm currently involved with revamping my Construction rules (my  
Legends players are starting to build up their inn and will eventually  
be constructing their keep off in the western mountains.

Playing around with some assumptions (Drover pay 15CC/month, 5 mule  
team carrying drover and 920# of material, MR17 for team, need to save  
for replacements costs of each mule every 2 years, 3CC for 60FP of  
grain and forage, mules need 7FP each) one finds that transport is  
friggen expensive.  Buy local guys:

Porters:  Using a porter, 1 ton of material can be moved on hex in 60  
days and cost 20CC.  Obviously, more porters will reduce the time, but  
never less than 1day.

Ox Cart: Pair of oxen pulling a wagon, one teamster.  Takes 4 days for  
a ton of cargo and costs 10CC per hex.  Again, more carts can be added  
but cannot reduce below 1 day.  Carts can be used to carry objects  
over 200# (unlike porters and mule trains)

Mule train: 1 drover and 5 mules, takes 3 days an 8CC per ton of  
material per hex.

Boats:  I still have to go over Scott's rules and figure this out, but  
it should be way cheaper per ton.

The above just for your amusement.

Now, for Richard (and others): How much soil could your average Living  
Earth dig per phase (for excavation)?  How much for a Son of Gea?

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