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 From what I can recall of the rules the El=Mel/2 was never a really a 
It was only placed for 'common' magic items and would represent the 
average mage
Similar rules exist on making NPC mages
The characters can reach Els higher than Mel/2 and can make items with 
those ratings
Also and item can be re-enchanted and the new Mel and El will replace 
the old ones, but there is risk of destroying the item.
Now it could get tricky with multiple enchantments since they could be 
at different Els instead of overall El
The rules did not cover that.
What about 3 mages all enchant the same weapon?
One does the Hit chance, another the WSB and the third the fatigue
It could have 3 different Mel and El, and should.
But to try it, the weapon MDV resists the changes and the more powerful 
it is the more risk the mage has.

And your 'Natural Mage' can use innate casting and burn Enl to prevent 
abysmals as can Innate Mages, as long as they know how to make the item.
Innate powers can easily be very high El

Scott Adams wrote:
> I know I sent a Question awhile back on Natural Magicians.
> Have another one.
> When you make an item and then enchant it
> further does the EL restriction still apply?
> ie Half of MEL max?
> So if MEL4/EL2 Sword is made
> and later he enchants it with better hit chance
> at MEL8/EL8 is that correct or is
> it MEL8/EL4?
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