[PnP] Ship Project - Installment #13 - Ship.txt

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Sat Oct 28 04:25:15 CEST 2006

  * Ship Project - Installment #13

      Originally when I started the project I figured everything
    could fit into one mega document.  That was folly. I soon
    learned it would've been best managed in separate documents.
    The next document posted though is ship.txt the "catch all"
    document.  If the topic wasn't big enough to merit its own
    document it went into here.  

      It covers history of ships/boats and navigation which is 99.9%
    factual based on the books and website information I read.The
    Miscellaneous information had 25 factoids that I could not
    place into any other section or document.  Might be interesting
    to form when covering the whole subject of ships.  The PL
    Geography aspects I talk about some of the special sites that
    MIGHT have use for ships or boats.  Course this is all my
    opninion but might fit in with the general feel for tha tsite
    and can be fleshed out further.  The ship Cargo section is
    a small section that covers the topic of cargo with a few
    factoids that might help you flesh out cargo aspects.

       Ship Crews is a big section that took 80% facts from websites
    and the books I read.  From that and the P&P data and varianets
    by other folks I came up with this section.  Based on the facts
    given I came up with a ship crew table chart that can be used
    to quickly flesh out the number of crew on a ship based on
    ship size and type.  I'd say this chart is 85% facts and 15%
    my creation with fill in the gaps data.  I then further break
    it down into type of ship and what percentage of that number
    of crew might be Rowers or Officers for example.  This data
    is about 90% fact and 10% my opinion.  I then give data
    on crew training based on ancient records.  This is the number
    of days it takes to train that particular crew type.  Of course
    this doesn't detail their wages if paid.  I'd say this is 80%
    fact and 20% my adjustments.

       New Skills sections are additional skills needed for teh water
    world.  These dozen or so new skills include some skills P&P already
    has and some burton and others came up with.  Then I added and
    adjusted new skills to fit areas not covered.  the New guild section
    is 100% mine with suggestion based on information from Richard
    to flesh out.  This section is for fun and might give folks an
    idea on characters and guilds for the water based world.  The
    land lovers have the Thief and Assassin Guilds well the sea lovers
    have many as well.  The last section includes information on
    typical ship operations.  This is 80% fact and 20% filler for
    advice and comments.  It will give seafarers a area to flesh
    out a typical shipboard experience.

      Hope you enjoy!

        Next week is Water based spell! A whole new slew of 'em!

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