[PnP] Magic users

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Fri Oct 20 21:29:57 CEST 2006

At 03:16 AM 10/20/06, you wrote:
>In the past we used a house rule that there could be no more than two magic users in the group (of 8 players) at the same time. The other players had to take fighters or similar non-magical PCs. Secondly, if you had played a magic user and for some reason needed a new character (i.e. your MU got whacked), you could not play a MU again straight away, but had to play a fighter first.

Limits are fine.  But I like a diverse group.  For starting games then MUs are not limited.  But well I guess i never put a real limit on the game.  The only thing i steered away from was duplication.  If a mage was high in FB and another MU did Fireball high then it was redudant I'd suggest something else.  I'm all for free will.  Its odd but a diverse group has saved the party more than a non-diverse one.  Never know when a faerry is going to be useful.  Never know when a MU trained in X will be useful.  Its like the PBEM now there is enough diverse magic types that it works well and everyone works well.  I tend to plan encounters and adventures that everyone even the lowest MU in the party and weakest fighter has a bit part and that team work is essential to survival.  Now I guess I'd limit say the faerry one per group likely no more than that as it would be very uncommon.  Maybe same for Elf and Dwarf depending on where the group was.  

But as MUs I never had a situation to limit it personally.

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