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   We never had that problem when we played P&P. Usually, when you had a 
MU, you frequently didn't have nearly enough Expts points to have paid 
for your training, AND have enough points left over to get good fighting 
skills. Also, you generally upped your "MU" stats (I, W, E, Em, C), but 
everything else was fairly 'low'...thus lowering your effective OCV, 
DCV, HP, DTV, etc. The fragile-ness of MU's, for us, balanced out the 
power they could potentially get to. I think the highest level MEL I saw 
was about 6 or 7. Also, we used the "% chance you were 
accepted"...usually this was really high, but I did see more than a few 
players miss that roll and not get to start off as a MU.

   The other thing was that the vast spectrum of styles of characters a 
player could create in P&P was so overwhelming, people had ideas for all 
sorts of characters they wanted to play! 8-)

   I can see the potential amount of power a MU can have, however. So I 
can understand some groups needing to control it's access somehow, or at 
least "balance it for their game". I kinda like the idea of needing to 
roll "Trained with skilled MU" on the Special Events table. That would 
cut down dramatically the number of MU's in the group, I'm sure!

Paul L. Ming

Wout Broere wrote:
> In the past we used a house rule that there could be no more than two 
> magic users in the group (of 8 players) at the same time. The other 
> players had to take fighters or similar non-magical PCs. Secondly, if 
> you had played a magic user and for some reason needed a new character 
> (i.e. your MU got whacked), you could not play a MU again straight 
> away, but had to play a fighter first.
> All of this in order to limit the number of MUs in the group and the 
> idea that MUs could quickly become too powerful.
> Since I dropped this house rule, we ended up in a situation where 
> there are NO magic users being played in the current group. I was just 
> wondering if others have used similar limits on the number of MUs in 
> the group.
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