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I think when we initially started playing the game (way back in '83) we had it so you could only start as a MU if you rolled "trained by MU" on the specials table.

I'm all for toning down some of the overpowered-ness of wizards, to provide some balance to the warriors in the party so they don't feel like the wizard's caddy, hence the "wizard under fire" rule I was trying to nail down.

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In the past we used a house rule that there could be no more than two 
magic users in the group (of 8 players) at the same time. The other 
players had to take fighters or similar non-magical PCs. Secondly, if 
you had played a magic user and for some reason needed a new 
character (i.e. your MU got whacked), you could not play a MU again 
straight away, but had to play a fighter first.

All of this in order to limit the number of MUs in the group and the 
idea that MUs could quickly become too powerful.

Since I dropped this house rule, we ended up in a situation where 
there are NO magic users being played in the current group. I was 
just wondering if others have used similar limits on the number of 
MUs in the group.


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