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I'm going to try tweaking the bow cost to see if I can get this within reason.  Harn had longbow prices pretty dark cheap (going with the "broadsword" standard) about 25% of broadsword.  Gurps places it at about 33% broadsword.  Runequest is tricky, being 39% in the wilds (where metal weapons are scarese) to 233% in cities.

I would rate Harn's and Gurps research over the old runequest prices.  Harn's creation time of 18h for a longbow/12h for a shortbow jives with your account, so I would gamble on the Harnic research being pretty close.

I'll have to play with the numbers, but there is no way to economically justify bow prices.  I can buy it as an attempt to balance via prices the effect of ranged weapons ove melee, but such deterants have no effect on well funded elder characters and just serve to whack the economics.

I'll fire off my latest save of my weapons tweaking chart tomorrow and you can play with it.

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>Going with this, it take a P&P Bowyer (at 1GC/month) pretty much a month to make a bow (282 hours) -- about twice as long as it takes to craft a broadsword.  However, sources I have seen have this at MUCH less (from 2h for a master bowyer on one site, to 18h as noted in Harn).  Still digging, including a query to a manufacturer of traditional longbows.
A month for a bow?!  Wow.  I read somewhere once that a plains indian could do one in 2 days and he had chores to do.  Course I guess one is better than the others.  I'd say a month is good for a arbalest but a simple bow and string?  Hrm....this whole topic though I'd have to have time to sit down and analyze.  

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