[PnP] For or against a 'forum' for P&P?

Larry Kurgan at Fastmail.fm
Fri Feb 25 13:01:28 CET 2005

Hello Paul,

    Burton's right, there's not enough traffic or interest to branch
    out even further. However, just because a topic doesn't merit its
    own forum doesn't mean an existing forum can't spare a new
    sub-category for those that are interested and want to use it.
    Capability without needing justification. Yep, it's the American
    way! lol

    Anyway, I've been working on setting up a forum for various
    interests, and one of the areas was already going to be for
    certain RPGs. As soon as I get the site up and running, everyone
    that wants to is more than welcome to make use of it, and Wout
    could, if he wanted to, add a link to it. Would that do ya?

Best regards,

   Larry                          mailto:Kurgan at Fastmail.fm

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