[PnP] For or against a 'forum' for P&P?

Choinski, Burton Burton.Choinski at matrixone.com
Fri Feb 25 12:40:06 CET 2005

I hate to pee on your parade, Paul, but I do like the mail list for this.
We don't really have the traffic (except in bursts) to make the bother of
going to a forum to read, as opposed the having it delivered to your door.

Yea, sometimes I'm a lazy bastard that way. :}
   -- Burton

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I will await the comments of others on the mailing list to see how they 
feel before I get something up.


At 04:07 23/02/2005, you wrote:
>I was wondering if the 'main' P&P site (Wout's) will ever be getting a
>for P&P. I like email lists and all that, but forums have a lot of
>advantages (independent from email, better history for searching, various
>subjects are found in different areas, etc.).
>I have tried to log in to this one; http://powers.charsys.com:16080/forums/
>, but it never works for me...no error, just a blank page.
>Anyway, I can't remember if this has ever been discussed on the list. I
>would *love* to see a forum on the main P&P site...but if there is a need,
>I'm sure someone (maybe even me) could do up a nice forum. :)
>Paul L. Ming
>PS: Yeah, new email from my old hotmail one for those of you who care. :)
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