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As a follow up for a mail sent early August:

I have said this to some people in the past, but it never hurts to repeat.

There is always enough room on my machine at home (where points to) for any files or stuff that
people want to add to the P&P site. So, anyone who has something that he
would like to see added to the P&P site, can send it to me and I will add
it in time.  As you may have noticed the largest problem is that I don't
seem to find the time to do any more updates lately. There is still some
stuff that has to be added to the site, and a lot of country descriptions
from Perilous Lands to be added (someday, I promise).

I still have some scanned Heroes articles which didn't make it to the site,
but I do believe that I have everything. Now where did I put that stuff ?
:-) So if someone needs a copy of something, just holler.

Speaking about the website: I have started working on revamping the site.
As usual, don't hold your breath, this will take months before it sees the
light of day, as I will redo the layout, but also the entire engine that
drives the site/ takes care of the content managment. But this makes it the
perfect moment for people to make their wish list for the site known. Any
suggestions/remarks/additions are welcome.


At 05:29 PM 07/31/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>At 11:53 PM 7/30/03 -0700, you wrote:
> >
> >    By now, I imagine that you all have probably developed character sheets,
> > magic lists, and the like. I am planning on compiling the sheets, lists,
> > conversions, and tables I've pieced together and sending them out if anyone
> > is interested. I would also be somewhat interested in seeing what you are
> > using, as well. We are playing a game that is no longer supported, so we
> > to "support" it ourselves. I'll have some stuff ready soon, but there is a
> > lot that is on paper, not disk. I've got to put it in anyway, so I'll
>have no
> > problem sharing it.
> >      I'm thinking about making a geocity or even just a file-base for these
> > support things. This would just be a file-zone for sharing, not a full site
> > (no additional help needed there: as in
> >
> > <>http://dutcgeo
> > is all we need).
> >    Well, I'll send more when this is ready (location) and am looking
> > to hearing back more.
> >   Thank you,
> >          Albert and Rebecca
>The only character sheet I've done is in pure ascii and as most like modern
>versions (ie excel or such which I could do but prefer text) it won't help
>out there.  I like text since I can take it
>to any computer out there without worrying about alternative software :)  The
>sheet is abot 95%
>the same as the basic character sheet for the P&P itself with a few minor
>changes and additions.
>At one time there was someone that was working ona  cd for everything out
>there.  That
>peojct seems to have died.
>My bbs has a filebase just for P&P with everything on the core website plus a
>few minor things
>not there (minor stuff).  Plus a monthly archive of all the mailing lists so
>like 1 month in each archive.
>Ya know I suppose I could actually setup a CD myself...hmmmm...I have a writer
>and could probably
>sit and do one CD and then just copy that one for folks...hmmm...maybe a
>project I could think about.
>I think theres only a few magazine articles that I don't have from Heroes.
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