Buffing Abilities Magically

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At 12:19 PM 09/23/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>The MAXIMUM is however high you can ge it. Not much can be boosted,
>without making new spells, however.
>S can be boosted w/ might. S & St w/ Earth Strength (an unbalanced spell).
>C can be boosted by cure age, but one must be careful about that effect.
>Aging to infancy or beyond would not be fun.
>I recall no other "Stat boosters" as spells alone. Natural magic is best
>(and sometimes PERMANENT).
>Let's top this question off with an addition to it. Skill maximums: Do
>they go up when a stat goes up?

I would rule they do, but if the effect is not permanent, the gain over the
regular maximum is lost when the item is lost, and not automatically
regained when a new item is found.

So Black Diamond raises S (from the top of my head, could be mistaken).
That would allow for higher skills in Mace. But lose the diamond once, even
for a few second, and you start over from the regular max and all extra
expertise is lost.

>Alex Koponen <akoponen at MOSQUITONET.COM> wrote:
>What are the best ways to buff up one's abilities magically? In other
>words, what spells would one use to boost their S, St, D, et cetera beyond
>current and maximum ability? What are the maximums allowable via magic?
>I note that Permanent Magics - Enhancement works for Natural Magic items
>Betony - +10 S for 24 hours. Enhanced it is +20 S for 72 hours.
>Bezoar - +5 S while worn.

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