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At 02:21 AM 9/9/03 -0700, you wrote: 
> Good ones, and nice way to restart activity. I've always allowed
> insubstantial beings to speak, but only at a ghostly whisper. It is just an
> interesting effect, but they should be able to talk (remember, they DO still
> breathe).

I'm good at getting activity sometimes.  I run my BBS and get activity that
way.  Anyways,
brethe?  That's another thing.  Do they?  Again there is physics.  If there is
no mass how can
a person take in physical oxygen and then put it out?  I always thought about
using the spell
and diving in water.  You could in theory last long underwater with it since
your not really
needing to breathe.  But this stuff is rule laywering so it can get bogged
down.  The voice
thing makes sense for the ghostly form.

>    Throwing things is a nice topic. I've always had them remain
> until the next phase began, so they could throw something to a person or
> something like naptha effectively, but not like rocks or daggers. 

I say if it can be thrown it can be done.  Next phase.  I never thought of
that.  Good idea.
I always figured the point it left the 'body' it went solid.  But a next phase
thing could
make more sense.

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