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IMHO, again, I like the idea of no harm to the object if something is left inside. The one-phase would allow it to fall out of most things, and it could be "ejected" from others. However, I can't use this in my current game, as an item which is immune (TOTALY) to heat has to be reforged, and the idea backing the only possibility is to hold it a tiny bit in overlap while insubstantial (thus fusing the ends at he overlap).
   I typically use one phase because it is PLENTY of time for an aware item to relocate itself if it has any chance to do so. If not, death would result without insubstantiability. A thought on "items left behind" could be resolved as items "thrown" with a SB of 0 (WSB based on size), and modified as if an EL0 skill attack. Modifiers from large items would apply, as could flank and ambush (Inside IS flank or rear, isn't it?). This would be an almost fair way to deal with the problem.

   So, how do you handle spells and communications for a liberated spirit?

David Hunt <dhunt at MYRIAD.NET> wrote:

Very good question, that.

1)  I'm sure that you could speak under the effects of the spell, because the spell description addresses what spells you can cast, and you have to be able to speak to cast spells.  It never occured to me that the subject wouldn't be able to be heard, and in general I think it's not a great idea to try figure out how physics would apply to various impossible changes that magic can bring about in people.  For example, the subject would not automatically fall into the ground while under the effects of the spell but would continue to walk on the ground unless he tried to move through it or cast Levitate to move through the air.   Albert had an interesting idea with the subject of the spell's voice being a far-off ghostly sound.  If that idea appeals to you, that sounds cool.  Of course, it you're the Referee, then you can change the rules as much as you want as long as you're players will stick with you.

2)  This has never come up in a game that I played in.  I would think that you shouldn't be able to use the Insubstantiability spell as a means to hurt someone with impunity, so there shoud be some way of preventing that from happening.  The idea of a one phase delay sounds like a good start.  You might also institute the ruling that anything that became solid while within a solid object is destroyed without harming the solid object.

Just my two cents.

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