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>Though it brings a blush, I never gave this question much consideration. I
>will give it some thought before formulating a real reply. Definite facts to
>consider are that unless there is something physically wrong with an
>individual, he should recover from being knocked out within a few minutes or
>hours. I also do not see that the fact of being subdued should have any
>major long term effects other than any real damage inflicted with it. It may
>be best to use a W + St type roll. Will think on it.

Great will wait for the reply.  W and ST and not con?  I guess Stamina
makes sence...willpower..will...mental will..yeah I guess that makes sense
too.  As to
waking up from teh subdual attack yes you slept that long term thus you'd heal
through it.  But for someone in a bar fight who isn't knocked out it may take
him a bit of time to recover.  Thus I figure a every 10 min roll rther than
once a hour.  Some people get fast recovered compared to others mentally
on things.  We see that in war with shock and such.  I just sit and watch
movies or TV shows and see this one guy hit this big guy and bam hes down.
With one
minor slap.  Just amazes me sometimes and then theres other times where it
takes like 10 or 12 hits to knock the other guy out.  I know there is
dramatic license for some movies but it gets a bit absurd at times.

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