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At 10:10 PM 11/24/03 -0800, you wrote:
> I like that, it sounds good, but I've used the normal healing chance, since
> Stamina should be a consideration (checked every 30 minutes if needed, no
> infection). Healing spells are a REALLY touchy topic here, and I've not
run a
> game in which at least one person has not argued with me on the subject. I
> allow the healing magics to remove real damage first, then subdual. Subdual
> damage counts fully against the points healed, there are no extra points
> recovered since it is "only subdual" to me. ALSO, when a person recovers
> subdual, I count that as their daily recovery, I don't allow a check for the
> "real damage" as well. Just my humble opinion, here...

I'd have to think about a healing spell.  To me that's physical magic for
physical damage.  I guess to me theres too much distinction between physical
and subdual.  While in sone ways subdual is physical by the mind's eye if you
will its not truly physical in every aspect.  So it can be debated.  Something
to consider.

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