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The cost to increase a spell to the next EL is based on the new casting
cost and EL.  If you look at the tables in the magic  section, you'll
find that the numbers are consistant with that.  i.e. as cost of 12 to
increase a Base Mana 1 spell from 0 to 1.

Albert Sales wrote:

> W+St... I like it. And I would still add in CB cumulatively per check,
> a person's fortitude does help shake it off, and this also helps to
> speed up the recovery. ... Right before I sent, I had a consideration
> on this. If it is done as a problem-solving roll, with the difficulty
> achieved determining amount recovered, that might work (but I'll look
> at that with some figures another time).
> I also have a totally off topic question: Poisons have an "Energy
> effect" ( 2D10+BL, energy points ) to determine if the poison has
> accumulated enough to take effect even though failure is rolled (it
> does so when EnL is reduced to or below zero by this factor). However,
> I was curious as to what happens if a person has a different energy
> effect hit them while they are lightly poisoned (while "missing
> energy" due to poison failure).
> Lastly, I have a magic question. In increasing Spell ELs, the formula
> is Casting Cost x (EL+3). Is this for the new level or the current
> level. (Ex. BMC =1, EL =0. Casting cost at 0 is 1, is increase 3, or
> is it 12 for CC3 (EL1) and x 4 (EL1 +3))
> Sylverrs_ dragon <abnaric at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:
>     Though it brings a blush, I never gave this question much
>     consideration. I
>     will give it some thought before formulating a real reply.
>     Definite facts to
>     consider are that unless there is something physically wrong with an
>     individual, he should recover from being knocked out within a few
>     minutes or
>     hours. I also do not see that the fact of being subdued should
>     have any
>     major long term effects other than any real damage inflicted with
>     it. It may
>     be best to use a W + St type roll. Will think on it.
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