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At 12:48 PM 11/25/03 -0600, you wrote: 
> The cost to increase a spell to the next EL is based on the new casting cost
> and EL.  If you look at the tables in the magic  section, you'll find that
> the numbers are consistant with that.  i.e. as cost of 12 to increase a Base
> Mana 1 spell from 0 to 1.
> Albert Sales wrote:
>> W+St... I like it. And I would still add in CB cumulatively per check, a
>> person's fortitude does help shake it off, and this also helps to speed up
>> the recovery. ... Right before I sent, I had a consideration on this. If it
>> is done as a problem-solving roll, with the difficulty achieved determining
>> amount recovered, that might work (but I'll look at that with some figures
>> another time).
>> I also have a totally off topic question: Poisons have an "Energy effect" (
>> 2D10+BL, energy points ) to determine if the poison has accumulated
enough to
>> take effect even though failure is rolled (it does so when EnL is
reduced to
>> or below zero by this factor). However, I was curious as to what happens if
>> a person has a different energy effect hit them while they are lightly
>> poisoned (while "missing energy" due to poison failure).
>> Lastly, I have a magic question. In increasing Spell ELs, the formula is
>> Casting Cost x (EL+3). Is this for the new level or the current level. (Ex.
>> BMC =1, EL =0. Casting cost at 0 is 1, is increase 3, or is it 12 for CC3
>> (EL1) and x 4 (EL1 +3))
>> Sylverrs_ dragon <mailto:abnaric at HOTMAIL.COM><abnaric at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:
>>> Though it brings a blush, I never gave this question much
consideration. I 
>>> will give it some thought before formulating a real reply. Definite facts
>>> to 
>>> consider are that unless there is something physically wrong with an 
>>> individual, he should recover from being knocked out within a few minutes
>>> or 
>>> hours. I also do not see that the fact of being subdued should have any 
>>> major long term effects other than any real damage inflicted with it. It
>>> may 
>>> be best to use a W + St type roll. Will think on it.

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