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>So how does someone repair magical items in P&P?

Alot of times its on a case by case basis.  Depends on the item.  Some items
depend on the
damage just can't be fixed like a split ring or amulet or staff.  But amor or
shield could be through
the normal metallurgical methods.  Basically I'd repair the 'normal' item
first.  Then once that
is done you can do it 2 ways you can either just reenchant the magic back
on it
from scratch or
re-apply it (which in some ways is the same thing) again.

The basic craftsman EL would be required.  So a EL 50 Armorer working on a
Shield would
require at least a EL50+ to fix it same for magic EL/MELs.

Powders, Potions and Natural items I just don't see realistic repairing for
obvious reasons.

So to me other items could be.

I've even worked it so that if a item is dispelled of all its magic (say a
curse is on a sword
and a MU dispells it) then the item may be tainted and have a harder chance of
repair (either
in cost, time, roll modifiers or not possible at all).

I'm sure rules could be worked up but since every item is pretty unique its
best to do case
by case and use a general rule of thumb.  At least as far as I've done.

In my 20 years doing the game I don't think its ever come up beyond maybe
repairing a shield
or armor and for those you can use the basic skill system.

Oh for dedicated/named items I would say that th eonly person to repair those
are the ACTUAL
maker of such items.  Those are special items like the Red Ruby Shoe of
Dragons could only be repaired by the great insane wizard who made it 300
ago.  Course that could be a problem
in itself and an entire new adventure :)

-----something just typed up with not much indepth thought though :)-----

    Potion/Elixir -   Only repair if dispelled by reenchantment
    Powder        -   Only repair if dispelled by reenchantment

    Jewelers can fix these with Jeweler skills in basic physical
    Repair if possible.

    Amulet        -   Only repair if dispelled by reenchantment
    Talisman      -   Only repair if dispelled by reenchantment
    Jeweled Item  -   Only repair if dispelled by reenchantment

    Difficult to repair if broken then pretty much useless.  IF its
    some form of metal alloy then it might be fusable by a blacksmith
    but slim in keeping its original properties.

    Wand          -   Only repair if dispelled by reenchantment
    Staff         -   Only repair if dispelled by reenchantment

    Because they are unique and rare items these should only be repaired
    by the creator themselves.  Since they only knew the magical rites/
    words it is too difficult for anyone else to repair to its 100%
    quality.  Course it depends on the items again.

    Named              Special       Dedicated

    NMIs depend on the items really and shouldn't be repairable IMHO.
    Since a piece of animal hide or egg once used or damage can't
    be redone by magic.  So these items shouldn't be repairable.

    Natrual Magic -

    Of all magical items military items should be the easiest to
       * When repairing Hit Chance, Damage and other special rules
         can only be repaired to its full potency NOT beyond it
         or not beyond its ability.  Ie.  If a sword has NO hit
         chance then you should not be able to "repair" it by
         adding a hit chance to it.
       * For shields, armor and weapons I'd use the basic repair
         system through the various skills.

    Military      -

    Other  -  Other special items not above would depend on the item.

    Only magical items of a caster/repair person with the same or
    higher MEL/EL (skill/spell) should be able to repair that item.

    However, if a item  is being repaired by a higher MEL/EL then
    fully reenchanted that spell could (If gm deems) be the NEW
    MEL/EL (and thus MDV).  Example: A MEL2/EL1 Ring fixed by a
    Mage of MEL6/EL3 (in whatever spell) and its fully reenchanted
    the ring would then have MEL6/3 or so by the rules of the magic

    Same rules for Armorer (section B) rules would apply.

    Basic rules for making items:
      * Armor/Weapons   ((AV/WSB)+2) Squared Days
      * Shields         ((AV/WSB)+2) Days

    Wout/Matthjis in thier rule on the website suggest time ro repair
    is:  25% of the time to create from scratch or if not fully damaged:

    (Damage Taken)/total DR) x time to repair fully damaged suit of armor)

    So that's for non magical items.  So we could say it takes a factor
    more for magical items.  A rough formula (not put much thought into
    this but - )

        EL hours or days?

    Not sure how to apply the MEL maybe as a roll modifier or a negative
    to the hours/days.

    I've not seriously put thought into this as of late but some
    ideas tossed around.

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