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Well actually I was thinking more of a magic bow or magic staff that got
badly burnt, but there is also some magical chainmail that lost a lot of
FV due to the same cause. Ah well, too bad.
One of the nice things about the GURPS system is that it has more spells,
including Repair, and rules for making new spells.
Any ideas on a repair spell for P&P?
Any ideas on general rules for creating new spells in P&P?

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> Hiya.
>   Hmmm. Come to think of it, it's never occured in my games. And I've
> playing P&P off and on since it came on the market in '83. (?) Nobody's
> had or made magic armor that I can recall.
>   I'd probably handle it by having only dwarven runemasters be able to
> repair it (or elven wizards for elven mails only). If I got complaints
> the players on this, I might go a little easier and allow for repair by
> magic ---permanent magics at an EL higher than that of the armor in the
> first place; with failure indicating it is unrepairable, and abyssmal
> failure indicating that the armor is destroyed totally. >:)
> ^_^
> Paul L. Ming
> >    I am actually quite interested in how others have addressed this
> >
> >Alex Koponen <akoponen at MOSQUITONET.COM> wrote:
> >So how does someone repair magical items in P&P?
> >
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