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> || I sat down and looked at the ship building rules and made up 
> || some ships ...I 
> || think 
> || they were your rules?  I'm still not sure on some terms like 
> || freeboard and 
> || such 
> || but 
> || I'll get it.  The rule of rigging being 3x the height above 
> || deck over the beam 
> || seems 
> || a bit off not sure if that's valid since a large warship 
> || would have skyscraper 
> || like 
> || sails :) 
> || So still tinkering wtih it... 
> Freeboard is the amount of side of the ship above the waterline.  The
> the freeboard, the less likely waves will wash up and into the boat. 

Is that just the seam of the ship the semi-ledge on the side or is that the
side hull piece?

> The rigging rule of thumb comes from the Harn rules.  If you take a look at
> any old sailing ship compare the width of the ship to the height of the
> masts...I think you will see that it's not to bad.  In fact, many of the
> modern sailing ships have even TALLER masts, which they get away with due to
> a deep running keel.

I suppose just on face value numbers it seems a bit odd I guess until you
visualize it.

> None of these bronze age/iron age designs use a deep keel -- they are all
> meant to be able to be beached at night or travel coastal waters.

Yeah I tend to forget that too :)

> || Yeah..just I recall initially the "death" rule where you get 
> || exp like in some 
> || games for 
> || the death blow and was curious if others had views on it.  
> || and it was an 
> || excuse to post here :) 
> || 
> || 
> I've always kind of frowned on the "Death blow EXP" rule, so that if
> in the party ganks the thing at the end they get the EXP for it.  For most
> creatures, 
> they are down and out at 0 AHP, but I will grant the exp for the driving
> negative.  I do not grant additional players exp, only the one to get them
> there (which makes initiative somewhat important.

I use the DTV so if its -1 I don't end at 0.  But I do end at -1 so a creature
20 hp and -1 dtv would get the 21 value for experience purposes.  But a 18
over that for those who like slice off heads or soemthing nah...doesn't make

> NOTE: I use the weapon-length initiative table, combined with modifications
> due to armor.  Characters in heavy plate are reduced 3 rows on the table, so
> lightly armored people with smaller weapons can get the jump on them.

I tend to forget to use the priority system since i tend to use my own version
of that.

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